Katharine (xfgrl) wrote in wtp,

Hey yall!

hiya! It's funny! meandseanbiggerstaffislove!
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very confuzzled...

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marcus flint looks like a troll and has really bad teeth, plus sean biggerstaff is totally MINE! I will fight Marcus Flint even if he is troll! I love Sean Biggerstaff!

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i don't know about it, sean biggerstaff is totally hotter... who can say that he's not hot? He's absolutely gorgeous! Hey but Christian coulson is pretty hot too... Riddle!

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you forgot the possibility of a "not" in front of the HOT with orlando bloom. i could say that orlando bloom is not HOT and can get away with it. or orlando bloom is wearing a HOT pink shirt, or orlando bloom is drinking HOT chowder at quincy market!
Hey, Katharine, is that Jessica Simpson's husband in your lj icon?
its jensen ackles! get it straight unlike orlando bloom.