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I just have some questions...

Hi. I'm a junior in high school this year, and I am thinking of applying to WTP, as I will probably major in EE in college. I was just wondering how the experience was, what you did for fun, and was it worth the $2000? Thanks for your help!
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*blinks* Wow. I didn't think anyone would come here for information. ^^;;

Not that it's a bad thing. Really!


DEFINITELY WORTH $2000. Really, it was awesome on both the academic and recreational level. If you want the breakdown (and I'm sorry if I get this wrong, anyone can correct me... my memory just sucks):

You have classes Mondays through Fridays:
8AM-11:45AM (2 classes)
12PM-1PM (lunch)
1:15PM-3PM (3rd class)

Classes are: Math, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering.

Err. I think that's right. I may have gotten some of the times wrong... Essentially, you have two 1.75 hr long classes in the morning, lunch (often w/ a guest speaker), then the 3rd class.

And in the 3rd week we did Motor Building (made a motor) which was totally awesome. =)

Now. Other than classes? Um. Basically you have free reign of the city (main rule: check out/in, and be with someone else at all times); err, assuming that you don't do anything illegal. ^.~ You don't have anything mandatory to do (other than check in at a specified time, so the TAs know you're still alive and breathing...) on the weekends, so they're all yours.

And Boston is AMAZING.

The teachers/TAs/RAs tend to have some sort of event planned every night/every weekend; you don't have to go to/do these things, but it's still a wonderful experience. Um... they included the aquarium, North End, Quincy Market, various museums... of course, you can go there on your own (w/ a friend) some other time.

To end this totally long-winded spiel, I say: don't THINK about applying, JUST DO IT. Really, it won't hurt, right?

So. Hope that helped. ^^
Thanks so much for the info. I'm definitely going to apply!
I wholeheartedly agree with everything that's been said. Nothing I've ever done during the summer even came close to WTP (spoken like a true nerd...).

I think that, unlike some of the other programs out there, WTP really does try to have both an interesting and challenging courseload and a lot of free time for exploring Boston - it was a good mix.

Boston was a great city - there is so much to do there, and it is true that we basically had free reign. Having the choice of already planned activites as well as having the option of doing anything esle (as long as you're with a friend) was awesome. There was always something to do, regardless of whether you wanted to leave campus or not as well.

The classes were not always easy (for me at least) - it really depends on your educational background, though. That said, I always found the classes interesting, and the TAs were great and always willing to help assist the confused ;). Motor building was indeed super cool.

The schedule is actually one hour later than that - okay, I cheated, I looked through my stuff to find the times; my memory is horrible for things like that as well ;)
9AM-12:45AM (2 classes)
145PM-2:15PM (lunch)
2:15PM-4PM (3rd class)

I'm not sure what else to say that hasn't already been said :)

That said, it was totally worth the money - consdidering the amount of stuff they gave us to keep (EE lab kits, textbooks, etc) as well as the room and board, $2000 is a deal (I think the website says the cost would really be $5000/6000 if they didn't have sponsers supporting the program). Also, financial aid is available - I know there were at least a few of us that got full tuition.

I'm sure we can answer any other questions you might have.

So, to simplify that - yes, you should definately apply :)
Absol-bloody-lutely apply... It's probably the best thing I've ever done, and you'll really have tons of fun. You'll probably discover you're inner nerdiness and realize that its the coolest thing to have people like you in so many ways yet diverse too. Like everybody else already sad, Boston is amazing, but its probably the people at MIT that make all the difference. I've never met so many wonderfully interesting and passionate people in my life. I had tutors that would stay up until 2:00a.m. teaching me EE and combinatorics.

Also, I'm not sure if the application is up yet, but if it is there should be a place for financial aid. If you do have any circumstances, don't be afraid to list them and suprisingly enough, they will give you money if you get in! They read the application and the financial need separately so if you're qualified, you WILL get money. Even if your financial circumstances change after they accept you in March (i think) you can tell them and they will change your aid package. I hope that really helps.

So go at it and enjoy junior year. If they make you write essays, just make sure that you actually answer the question, and if anything brilliant occurs to you AFTER you submit the application (like you get a significantly higher SAT score or won a prize) don't be afraid to just call Cynthia up and let her know. In all your essays just make sure you emphasize that you love math and science and you are passionate about the things you do.

Make sure you're able to recite a lot of digits of pi. Just kidding. But good luck, and if you have questions, comments or concerns don't be afraid to e-mail me at Hope thats helpful.
Ditto on the application tips :)

Oh, being able to recite a lot of digits of pi is absolutely necessary! Just kidding, though who wouldn't want to memorize pi? Heh heh...